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Carl And The Copyright Conundrum by James Thibeault (Teenager:History) (7 votes) 26wins/3fails
Learn about copyright and its complications when Carl tries to copyright his new book! CC BY 4.0
The Adventure of the Sapphire Moon by SpottedRose (All Ages:Sci-Fi) (13 votes) 3wins/215fails
Your attempt to land on a planet much in need of exploration is blocked by an unknown intelligence. Can you convince it of your worthiness to explore this new world, and gather needed Fuel to save your homeworld?
Things I Didn't Tell My Mom by Emily Roberts Jones (Mature:Real World) (10 votes) 14wins/202fails
In order to get through college, there are things that you have to do, things that you would rather omit during phone calls with your mom. She worries, and you're cringey and up to no good. Can you make it out it one piece with your degree and a husband?
Simple House by Joe Durbin (All Ages:Real World) (22 votes) 79wins/2fails
Straight forward example of a user creatable story using the advanced editor functions.
In the Valley of the Kings by SpottedRose (All Ages:Adventure) (14 votes) 21wins/167fails
The ancient temple of Loremipsum Dolor Sit Amet awaits you! Can you find the treasure hidden there--and escape alive?
Black Cat by Anna Conda (All Ages:Uncategorized) (80 votes) 34wins/387fails
Do black cats really bring bad luck? That depends...
A Mermaid Tale by Nyx (Parental Guidance:Fantasy) (217 votes) 693wins/311fails
A mermaid stumbles upon a sunken ship filled with many fascinating things.
Small Packages by SpottedRose (All Ages:Real World) (71 votes) 25wins/71fails
You've been left a small something of immense value, hidden inside a large house of very dubious value. Now, if only you can find it (the something, not the house).
To Tea or Not to Tea by Nyx (Teenager:Fantasy) (158 votes) 315wins/37fails
You're studying your art history book when you decide that you'd much rather procrastinate.
Sales Call by Matt Seibel (All Ages:Uncategorized) (8 votes) 26wins/0fails
Sales call adventure! Make your sales calls like a boss!

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